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Beginner’s Guide on Starting a Florist Business in Singapore

Starting a Florist Business in SingaporeFlowers are the best gifts from nature. Whether you see them bloom in the wild or a greenhouse garden, you cannot help but beam with smiles what’s more, if they are given to you as gifts to brighten up your home or cheer you up. Thus, starting a florist business is a way to help keep spirits high and spread joy.

Sometimes, a single stalk of flowers is all that needs to be said. Even a person who may not like nature will accept the beauty of flowers. Others may perceive flowers do not lasting, but it is the first memory associated with flowers that will linger forever. Hence, flowers will always be a preferred gift among others.

People who work with flowers in a flower shop are called florists. They often have a passion for flower knowledge and a dash of creativity in flower arrangement and gift ideas. Businesses in the floristry industry are deemed to have a positive outlook despite the challenges in the market. Here is the guide on starting a florist business in Singapore, which explains the industry practice, business registration, licenses, and permits.


Blooming Industry

The floral industry is blooming no matter the season. Despite ongoing challenges such as restricted face-to-face customer relations and a fast-paced lifestyle, florists in Singapore are blooming like their flowers. Before the pandemic strikes, people are used to dropping by florists to get their gifts. They would either browse in the store looking at which flower suits the occasion or simply pick up a few stalks.

Florists are also known to have niche flower arrangement skills to suit the occasion. Sometimes customers may request a bouquet to be sent to specific people with specific requests. These blooming surprise bouquets can be best sellers for florists. Thus, exclusive seasons like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day usually see an increase in sales.

But flowers may not necessarily be given only during these days. Flowers are instant pick-me-ups to just about anyone. A single stalk of flowers or a fresh bouquet can do wonders. Hence, it is no wonder that the floral industry will always have a place in the economy.


A Floral System

Today, there is a florist in almost every corner of Singapore. Yet, there are more demands for unique floral gifts as people desire to be one-of-a-kind in their gift-giving. Given the tropical weather, the island is in an abundance of several types of flowers. Among them are roses, orchids, lilies, jasmine, and hibiscus.

A typical flower arrangement would have a mixture of both, which helps cut the cost wherever possible. But some flowers are imported from other parts of the world, such as tulips, gerberas, hydrangeas, and many more. If you are starting a florist business in Singapore and plan to use non-local flowers, you can buy them from flower wholesalers. Unless you have a large volume of orders, this is the best way to get non-local flowers.

Starting a florist business in Singapore is not for the faint-hearted. The set-up of the business may be a piece of cake. It is the running of the business that takes the cake. You can also choose to get it done with a Singapore corporate service provider.

For starters, you would need some knowledge and skills in floristry. It is not a required certification, but it will come in handy. There are several courses available in Singapore that will help equip you with the right skills and knowledge. Though you might hire a floral designer, you should learn a thing or two in floristry.

Building rapport with the customers also goes a long way for your business. Your customers could be the word-of-mouth marketing you need to get your business out there. Speaking of promoting the business, florists now need to have an online store or online ordering system. Another aspect of the new florist business model is further understanding how to pack your bouquets and ensure it stays fresh during deliveries.


Florist Business Registration

After completing the required courses in floristry, you can now register your florist business in Singapore. First and foremost, decide on a niche that will add value to the current florist market in the city-state. That will help you figure out a business name that explains it all. Then have a company search name. You must do this in advance or seek help with Singapore company incorporation services.

To register a company, you need to do it with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). 3E Accounting also offers business registration services. We have experts to guide you from the start till the end. From then onwards, you could decide on the location of your shop or have it home-based. If you think you need help along the way, our team is ever ready to assist with your Singapore company registration.


Permit To Flourish

If you decide to have a physical store for your florist business, you must identify where it will be profitable. Once you have found it, there is the usual process of inquiring about the rental of the place. Next, you may need to furnish the necessary documentation to the local municipality if you desire to do renovations. A physical florist store should have enough space to work, store flowers, display floral portfolios, and have decent signage.

If you decide to deliver the flowers yourself, the vehicle in use must also be fitted specifically as a delivery-purpose vehicle. Otherwise, you could arrange for a logistics company to do the delivery. Many of the current florists are utilizing logistic partners as their delivery associates. Besides a physical store, most businesses should have a website as well.

Thus, if you decide to be a home-based florist, your manner of business would be an online florist store. Nevertheless, a home-based florist business also requires licenses and permits. You will need to prepare the essential documents and submit them to the local municipality. However, if you need help preparing what kind of documents, you may contact us. We are more than happy to assist you.

Starting a Florist Business in Singapore