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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Poland Company Incorporation Services

Poland Company Incorporation Services Is Poland different from the rest of the EU members? Should business owners looking to expand into the European market look forward to Poland? Of course, Poland has many factors to offer concerning business owners if you decide to go ahead with your Poland company incorporation services.

One thing is for sure. Poland has a resilient economy. This strong foothold was proven when the pandemic struck it. Globally, markets were crashing, but Poland remained stable and recorded a GDP growth. As a business owner, doing business in a stable economy, even during turbulent times, is an irresistible offer.

There are many business opportunities to explore in Poland. They range from food processing, aerospace and automotive, electronics and business services. To date, the business services sector has been growing steadily.

Poland will aid investors to ensure a smooth business operation from purchasing land, buildings or machinery to technology transfer and leasing costs. Furthermore, potential foreign investors can gain a lot from the business incentives Poland has to offer. Among them are tax grants and incentives.

Available Business Entity

Foreign investors in Poland have several options to incorporate a company. Foreign investors of most sizes will commonly choose the Limited Liability Company (LLC). They are a limited liability company (LLC), joint-stock company, registered partnership, limited partnership, business partnership, a representative office in Poland, a branch office or a subsidiary.

Once you decide on the legal business structure, your next step is naming the company, allocating the share capital and preparing other necessary documentation. In Poland, there is no need to reserve the company name at a specific governing body. You can consult your Poland company incorporation services for your Polish company name.


Preparing Documentation

There are two options in this particular matter. In an LLC, you can invest directly as a private individual and become the shareholder of your Polish company. You could also indirectly register a Poland subsidiary and becoming a Polish company shareholder through your foreign company.

For the former, a valid ID or passport will suffice. For the latter, you will need to prepare an excerpt from your local company registry with Apostille and a valid ID or passport. Traditionally, Poland company incorporation services are similar to other countries’ company incorporation. It begins with signing the Articles of Association for a Polish limited liability company. As a foreign investor, this essential document requires a visit to the notary public office.

Recently, Poland has had the option to incorporate a company via an online portal. It may seem like an effortless trip to the notary’s office, but to be on the safe side, have your Poland company incorporation services partner advise you as well. It is the basis of your Polish company anyway.

Just Before Registering

Next, you would need to deposit the share capital of the Polish company. You can deposit the money into the company’s bank account.

Another step to filing a company registration is appointing a management board in Poland. If the company is individually-owned, they can decide in written form which management board members are. If the company has several shareholders, the shareholders must meet and provide a written resolution. Business owners should refer to their articles of association for these rights to ensure they are doing it correctly.

Now that all the documents are ready, you may apply to register your Polish LLC with the National Court Register (KRS). Don’t forget to attach all the required documents for them to begin the registration process.

The further you enter your Poland company incorporation, the harder it may seem. But worry not, as our experts are always ready to lend a helping hand.

Poland Company Incorporation Services

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