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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Cape Verde Company Incorporation Services

Cape Verde Company Incorporation Services Cape Verde Company Incorporation Services are growing in popularity, thanks to the country’s legislation which encourages foreign investment.

Cape Verde has several competitive advantages that make it an ideal investment destination. Being strategically close to major markets like Europe and the Americas and the political stability in the region have caught the eye of many international investors. Combined with the skilled and professional local workforce and rich marine resources, it’s no wonder investors are keen to gain a foothold in the country.


Set Up a Company in Cape Verde

One major benefit of incorporating a company in Cape Verde as a foreign investor is in terms of ownership. As a foreign investor, you can create a 100% private company except for the fisheries sector. For this particular sector, you will require a local partner based in Cape Verde.

If you’re establishing a company here as an individual, you are eligible for the following options:

  • Limited company
  • Single-shareholder limited company
  • Joint-stock company

In Cape Verde, the main trading company entities are usually joint-stock or limited companies. 3E Accounting’s Cape Verde Company Incorporation Services will help you choose the right option to pick. This will depend primarily on the size of your business and capital invested.


What We Need

To proceed with our Cape Verde Company Incorporation Services, we will require the following documents:

  • Individual shareholders need to provide:
    • Copy of identification documents
    • Letter of attorney (complete with signatures of authentication)
  • Companies need to provide:
    • Copy of an authenticated constitution deed or document
    • Then, a copy of an authenticated certificate of registration
    • Copy of an authenticated company’s tax card
    • Minutes of the meeting where a decision to set up a company in Cape Verde was reached. This must be accompanied by an indication of the type of company, share capital value and name of the individual signing on behalf of the company.
    • Letter from the attorney with the accompanying authenticated signatures. The letter confers the power of the attorney to represent the company.

Cape Verde Company Incorporation Services


Why 3E Accounting?

There are plenty of companies offering incorporation services, but none can compare to what the 3E team offers. Partnering with us means you’re assured of a partner with decades of experience. We’ve got the industry knowledge needed to ensure your incorporation process is smooth and quick. Our team ensures your business complies with all the local laws, regulations and statutory requirements.

Setting up a business abroad should be a process that brings peace of mind, and that’s what we work hard to provide for you. Let our panel of experts handle all your incorporation matters so you can devote your time and energy toward launching your business strong. Your business goals are vision are our priority.

To request a quote or enquire further details about our Cape Verde Company Incorporation Services, email or call us and we’ll be happy to assist.