Singapore New Year’s Day Holiday

New Year’s Day is the first day of the calendar year and is celebrated on 1 January each year. Under the Singapore Employment Act, public holidays for the upcoming years from New Year’s Day 2020 are as follows:

1 Jan 2019TuesdayNew Year's Day 2019
1 Jan 2020WednesdayNew Year's Day 2020
1 Jan 2021FridayNew Year's Day 2021
1 Jan 2022SaturdayNew Year's Day 2022
1 Jan 2023Sunday*New Year's Day 2023
2 Jan 2023MondayNew Year's Day Holiday 2023
1 Jan 2024MondayNew Year's Day 2024

Note: Any holidays that fall on a Sunday will be replaced the following Monday.

Singapore Public Holidays
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How to Celebrate New Year’s Day in Singapore and Things you can do

Celebrate New Year’s Day in SingaporeNew Year’s Day is a public holiday in Singapore. Celebrations of the New Year’s Day in Singapore come with a lot of grandeur, splendor, and enthusiasm. Singapore celebrates the day in accordance with the customs and traditions of the Chinese. As a matter of principle, the celebrations feature an extended fifteen days of revels instead of only on the first day of January.

In most cases, the celebrations will be ongoing starting from the eve of the New Year. It is always a joy for most people to stay awake past midnight on the 31st of December so as to countdown to the New Year. On this day, the city turns into a glorious celebratory mood, with thousands of people filling places such as Siloso Beach, Marina Bay and Clarke’s Bay eager to usher in the New Year.


How New Year’s Day in Singapore is Celebrated

Celebrate Firework for New Year’s Day in SingaporeThe dimensions for celebrating the New Year in Singapore are wide. Beginning from the eve of the day, the atmosphere speaks of nothing but pure joy. Beautiful décor and party lights can be seen. Sounds of music concerts can be heard from nearly every corner of the street. There are lots of extravaganzas in most public places and popular attractions. These may feature activities such as food competitions, music concerts, acrobatic juggling and tightrope walking among others.

Since it is a New Year, part of the celebration is for the people to reminisce on the past year. It is also a time to cast hope into the New Year. In Singapore, this is expressed by people purchasing large white spheres that resemble basketballs. They would then write their hopes and aspirations for the coming year on the balls before releasing them.

This is not just a tradition in Singapore. It is a widely recognized event that draws thousands of people into the city to write their wishes for the New Year. Even the Prime Minister writes his wishes on the sphere and then releases it onto the Singapore River at Marina Bay.

On this day, the fragrance that rents the air will be a blend of amazing local cuisines. It is also common for most of the food establishments to hold champagne brunches and exuberate tea parties in the afternoon.


Venues and Specials Events for Celebrating the New Year’s Day in Singapore

Venues and specials events for celebrating the New Year’s Day in SingaporeThere is a superfluity of venues, events, and ways in which you can celebrate New Year in Singapore. All you need to do is identify the kind of experience you want. Thereafter, simply head over your preferred venues of parties.

There are a large variety of activities and events for you to celebrate New Year’s Day. Here are some of the top venues and special events you may consider for a memorable New Year’s celebration in Singapore-:


Attend a Beach Party at Siloso Beach

There is always an extravagant beach party at Sentosa in Singapore
There is always an extravagant beach party at Sentosa in Singapore. It has become one of the hallmarks of the New Year celebrations that bring tourists and locals together to mark the beginning of another year. The party starts in the evening from 6.00pm and extends till 6.00am the following day. It is always a night with great music, eating and drinking while you interact with friends, local and families.


HI-SO Party

Sofitel Hotel, located at the heart of Singapore’s business district is another venue worth considering if you want an eventful New Year’s celebration in Singapore. There is a rooftop party hosted on New Year’s Eve. During the event, the hotel treats its guests to new experiences. Complimentary services such as a selected range of cocktails, juices, red and white wine, and a variety of soft drinks are available. For those who are keen on the food, an all-you-can-eat buffet will be available by the pool.


Attend the Promontory Festival

The Promontory is an extravagant and grand festival that begins from late December and ongoing till early April. The carnival features more than forty rides that both adults and children will find enjoyable. Admission to the carnival is free, and it will bring about lots of fun as you usher in the New Year. Featuring fun activities, the carnival is always flooded with crowd from the locals and tourists from all parts of the world.


Go Shopping in the Malls

you can seize the opportunity to visit the malls and shop While the majority of the city’s residents and visitors will be busy at the Marina and other entertainment hotspots, you can seize the opportunity to visit the malls and shop. Malls such as DON DON DONKI and Mustaffa Center remain open for business on this day, and you can shop for everything you need under one roof.

Besides, they will also host a myriad of fun activities on this day, and if fireworks, noise and loud music is not your cup of tea, then these would be the best places for you to be at during the New Year’s Day in Singapore.

Public Holiday - New Year's Day in Singapore