Singapore Hari Raya Puasa Holiday

Hari Raya Puasa is the celebration at the end of the Ramadan month of fasting. Under the Singapore Employment Act, public holidays for the upcoming years from Hari Raya Puasa 2019 are as follows:

05 Jun 2019WednesdayHari Raya Puasa 2019
24 May 2020Sunday*Hari Raya Puasa 2020
25 May 2020MondayHari Raya Puasa Holiday 2020
13 May 2021ThursdayHari Raya Puasa 2021
03 May 2022TuesdayHari Raya Puasa 2022
22 Apr 2023SaturdayHari Raya Puasa 2023
10 Apr 2024WednesdayHari Raya Puasa 2024
31 Mar 2025MondayHari Raya Puasa 2025
20 Mar 2026FridayHari Raya Puasa 2026
10 Mar 2027WednesdayHari Raya Puasa 2027
27 Feb 2028Sunday*Hari Raya Puasa 2028
28 Feb 2028MondayHari Raya Puasa Holiday 2028
15 Feb 2029ThursdayHari Raya Puasa 2029
05 Feb 2030TuesdayHari Raya Puasa 2030
25 Jan 2031SaturdayHari Raya Puasa 2031
14 Jan 2032WednesdayHari Raya Puasa 2032
03 Jan 2033MondayHari Raya Puasa 2033
12 Dec 2034TuesdayHari Raya Puasa 2034
02 Dec 2035Sunday*Hari Raya Puasa 2035
03 Dec 2035MondayHari Raya Puasa Holiday 2035
20 Nov 2036ThursdayHari Raya Puasa 2036
10 Nov 2037TuesdayHari Raya Puasa 2037
30 Oct 2038SaturdayHari Raya Puasa 2038
19 Oct 2039WednesdayHari Raya Puasa 2039
08 Oct 2040MondayHari Raya Puasa 2040
27 Sep 2041FridayHari Raya Puasa 2041
16 Sep 2042TuesdayHari Raya Puasa 2042
06 Sep 2043Sunday*Hari Raya Puasa 2043
07 Sep 2043MondayHari Raya Puasa Holiday 2043
25 Aug 2044ThursdayHari Raya Puasa 2044
31 Mar 2045MondayHari Raya Puasa 2045
04 Aug 2046SaturdayHari Raya Puasa 2046
24 Jul 2047WednesdayHari Raya Puasa 2047
13 Jul 2048MondayHari Raya Puasa 2048
02 Jul 2049FridayHari Raya Puasa 2049
21 Jun 2050TuesdayHari Raya Puasa 2050

Note: Any holidays that fall on a Sunday will be replaced the following Monday. The dates in the table above are an estimate and will be updated once official dates are announced.

Singapore Public Holidays
Vesak Day in SingaporeHari Raya Haji in Singapore

Discover the Best Ways of Celebrating Hari Raya Puasa in Singapore

Hari Raya Puasa in Singapore Hari Raya Puasa is a public holiday in Singapore, and is also known as Hari Raya Aidilfitri or Eid al Fitr. It is a celebration by the Muslims to mark the end of the Ramadhan month.. The holy month of Ramadhan is approximately 30 days of dawn-to-dusk fasting, and is a period of sober repentance for the Muslims. The exact date of Hari Raya Puasa in Singapore varies from year to year because it is based on the lunar calendar. Additionally, it is a period for the muslins to observe self-restraint and to symbolize renewal and purification, asking for forgiveness for wrongs committed in the past. Interestingly, it is a norm where children seek for forgiveness from their parents for all wrongs committed in the past.


How the Celebrations for Hari Raya Puasa in Singapore take form

Hari Raya Puasa celebrations in Singapore begin as early as on the 20th day of Ramadhan Hari Raya Puasa celebrations in Singapore begin as early as on the 20th day of Ramadhan. Muslims light oil lamps in the mosques and the lamps are allowed to burn until the end of the holy month of Ramadhan. On the actual day of Hari Raya Puasa, families will dress up in the same colour as a symbol of unity, and head to the mosque for prayers. In the afternoon, friends and families will gather in homes, mosques and other social locations for Thanksgiving feasts. The feasts usually feature food such as sambal, beef rendang, and longtong. Biscuits, cakes, cookies, pineapple tarts and sweets are also available. During the meals, they will ask for forgiveness and blessings from one another, and exchange duit Raya – gift envelopes with money given to the elderly and the children.


What to do during Hari Raya Puasa in Singapore

Regardless if you are a Muslim, Hari Raya Puasa is never a boring day. Here is a brief outlook of activities you can engage in to celebrate Hari Raya Puasa in Singapore.

Visit Neighbours

Muslims are friendly and are happy to always invite more people to join them Muslims are friendly and are happy to always invite more people to join them. The more the merrier! If you have Muslim neighbors, be ready to join them in feasting authentic delicacies when they invite you over! Don’t forget to wish them “Selamat Hari Raya,” which means to wish them a joyous celebration.

Kranji Countryside

The Kranji Countryside is a great place to breathe fresh air and enjoy the comfort of the open spaces. Many farms in the Kranji Countryside are open for public tour and visitors can purchase farm-fresh local produce during opening hours. During Hari Raya Puasa celebration, you may get to try out samples of freshly produce from the farmer’s market.

Enjoy the Festivals at Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island usually hosts exciting lineup of Malay performances to commemorate the day, including traditional dance routines, and the harmonious music featuring a blend of western and Malay tunes.

Visit Bazaar Ramadhan

Bazaar Ramadhan located at Geylang is definitely the right place for you! Have you ever thought of getting a beautiful henna tattoo? If so, Bazaar Ramadhan located at Geylang is definitely the right place for you! On top of that, you can enjoy the beautiful sites along the streets while trying out a variety of food at the food stalls located there. Geyland Road and Sims Ave are the two locations you can spend the whole day hopping from one food stall to another, eating as much food as your stomach will possibly allow.

Stay Home

Being a public holiday in Singapore, some people will prefer spending time at home with families during Hari Raya Puasa. This is also possible! You can stay at home, but hands-on something that will reflect the spirit of the celebration such as trying out their menus. Whichever way you choose to celebrate the day, and whether or not you are a Muslim, there are plenty of exciting things you can do as you take a day off from work.

Public Holiday - Hari Raya Puasa in Singapore