Singapore Good Friday Holiday

Good Friday is one of the two Christian holidays celebrated in Singapore. Under the Singapore Employment Act, public holidays for the upcoming years from Good Friday 2019 are as follows:

19 Apr 2019FridayGood Friday 2019
10 Apr 2020FridayGood Friday 2020
02 Apr 2021FridayGood Friday 2021
15 Apr 2022FridayGood Friday 2022
07 Apr 2023FridayGood Friday 2023
29 Mar 2024FridayGood Friday 2024
18 Apr 2025FridayGood Friday 2025
03 Apr 2026FridayGood Friday 2026
26 Mar 2027FridayGood Friday 2027
14 Apr 2028FridayGood Friday 2028
30 Mar 2029FridayGood Friday 2029
19 Apr 2030FridayGood Friday 2030
11 Apr 2031FridayGood Friday 2031
26 Mar 2032FridayGood Friday 2032
15 Apr 2033FridayGood Friday 2033
07 Apr 2034FridayGood Friday 2034
23 Mar 2035FridayGood Friday 2035
11 Apr 2036FridayGood Friday 2036
03 Apr 2037FridayGood Friday 2037
23 Apr 2038FridayGood Friday 2038
08 Apr 2039FridayGood Friday 2039
30 Mar 2040FridayGood Friday 2040
19 Apr 2041FridayGood Friday 2041
04 Apr 2042FridayGood Friday 2042
27 Mar 2043FridayGood Friday 2043
15 Apr 2044FridayGood Friday 2044
07 Apr 2045FridayGood Friday 2045
23 Mar 2046FridayGood Friday 2046
12 Apr 2047FridayGood Friday 2047
03 Apr 2048FridayGood Friday 2048
16 Apr 2049FridayGood Friday 2049
08 Apr 2050FridayGood Friday 2050

Note: The dates in the table above are an estimate and will be updated once official dates are announced.

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Discover the Best Things to see and do during Good Friday in Singapore

Good Friday is another Christian holiday in Singapore. Good Friday is another Christian holiday in Singapore. It commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Similar to the other public holiday, public institutions and offices are not open for business on Good Friday. Nonetheless, there are a number of activities you can indulge in for a memorable day.


How Good Friday in Singapore is Celebrated

Good Friday celebrations usually start with Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday is a Christina feast that falls on the Sunday before Good Friday. The feast commemorates Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. During Palm Sunday, thousands of local palm leaves are folded to form the shape of the cross. They are then paraded during the church services. The Palm Sunday celebrations vary across different churches. Nonetheless, it usually features the waving of palm leaves, just as the Israelites did over 2000 years ago to welcome Jesus in Jerusalem.

On the Friday following the Palm Sunday, churches will host another service to mark the crucifixion of Jesus. On the Friday following the Palm Sunday, churches will host another service to mark the crucifixion of Jesus. On Easter Sunday, most of the churches will take the opportunity to baptize converts. Baptism features the rising out of the water to symbolize “a new life”. This is to signify the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the cross, which is also why most churches in Singapore like to conduct the baptism on Easter Sundays.

Throughout the celebrations of Good Friday in Singapore, Christians will gather with their friends and family members for a meal. According to Christians, Jesus is the Lamb of God who gave his life for their sins. As such, lamb is always the main dish during these meals. It is also common for friends and families to share foods such as spiced bread baked in the shape of a cross, chocolate rabbits, chocolate eggs, jelly beans, and Easter candies.


What to do during Good Friday in Singapore

Enjoy The Public Holiday in Singapore Botanic Gardens Though Easter is predominantly a Christian celebration, it is a public holiday in Singapore. This means that most people will be at home. Offices, banks, government institutions, schools, and some shops don’t open as people take time off to rest for the long weekend. If you don’t subscribe to the Christian faith, however, this may be a time to try something different. Here is a look at some of the things you can do during in Singapore during Easter holidays-:

Attend Easter Day Culinary Workshop

On Good Friday, Singapore Botanic Garden usually holds a special culinary workshop where kids get to have the chance to learn about Coca-Cola and the making of chocolate bunnies. It is definitely a great workshop for children to spend their Good Friday meaningfully.

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunt is predominantly a British practice, but it is soon gathering momentum in Singapore. Easter egg hunt is predominantly a British practice, but it is soon gathering momentum in Singapore. Hiding colorful little eggs in the garden, and letting the kids to hunt for them. Whoever finds the highest number of eggs is the winner and will receive a present. Such simple game can eventually bring happiness to the kids, and is also an activity that adults can join and have great fun with.

Party at Singapore Polo Club

If you prefer a family-friendly party for Good Friday in Singapore, then Singapore Polo Club would be an ideal destination. The club usually holds Easter parties featuring lots of games and fun activities that both kids and adults will enjoy taking part in.

Good Friday in Singapore