Singapore Deepavali Holiday

Deepavali is the most important of all Hindu festivals. It is celebrated by Hindus worldwide every year. Under the Singapore Employment Act, public holidays for the upcoming years from Deepavali 2019 are as follows:

27 Oct 2019Sunday*Deepavali 2019
28 Oct 2019MondayDeepavali Holiday 2019
14 Nov 2020SaturdayDeepavali 2020
04 Nov 2021ThursdayDeepavali 2021
24 Oct 2022MondayDeepavali 2022
12 Nov 2023Sunday*Deepavali 2023
13 Nov 2023MondayDeepavali Holiday 2023
01 Nov 2024FridayDeepavali 2024
20 Oct 2025MondayDeepavali 2025
08 Nov 2026Sunday*Deepavali 2026
09 Nov 2026MondayDeepavali Holiday 2026
29 Oct 2027FridayDeepavali 2027
17 Oct 2028TuesdayDeepavali 2028
05 Nov 2029MondayDeepavali 2029
29 Oct 2030MondayDeepavali 2030
14 Nov 2031FridayDeepavali 2031
02 Nov 2032TuesdayDeepavali 2032
22 Oct 2033SaturdayDeepavali 2033
10 Nov 2034FridayDeepavali 2034
30 Oct 2035TuesdayDeepavali 2035
19 Oct 2036Sunday*Deepavali 2036
20 Oct 2036MondayDeepavali Holiday 2036
07 Nov 2037SaturdayDeepavali 2037
27 Oct 2038WednesdayDeepavali 2038
17 Oct 2039MondayDeepavali 2039
04 Nov 2040Sunday*Deepavali 2040
05 Nov 2040MondayDeepavali Holiday 2040
25 Oct 2041FridayDeepavali 2041
12 Nov 2042WednesdayDeepavali 2042
01 Nov 2043Sunday*Deepavali 2043
02 Nov 2043MondayDeepavali Holiday 2043
20 Oct 2044ThursdayDeepavali 2044
08 Nov 2045WednesdayDeepavali 2045
29 Oct 2046MondayDeepavali 2046
19 Oct 2047SaturdayDeepavali 2047
06 Nov 2048FridayDeepavali 2048
26 Oct 2049TuesdayDeepavali 2049
14 Nov 2050MondayDeepavali 2050

Note: Any holidays that fall on a Sunday will be replaced the following Monday. The dates in the table above are an estimate and will be updated once official dates are announced.

Singapore Public Holidays
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Discover more about Deepavali in Singapore and How Best to Celebrate it

Deepavali in SingaporeDeepavali, also known as the Festive of Lights, is one of the most important celebrations among the Hindus. Deepavali is a festive dedicated to commemorate the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. In Singapore, this day is categorised as a national holiday.

Deepavali features all kinds of colorful light displays in clay lamps to light up public places and private residences. The lighting of the oil lamps by the Hindu symbolizes that “light has conquered darkness”.


What is Deepavali All About in Singapore?

In places like India, Deepavali celebrations could last up to five days. However, in Singapore, it only lasts for a day. The date of Deepavali changes depending on the Hindu calendar. However, it will usually fall between mid-October and mid-November.


About the Celebrations of Deepavali in Singapore

Deepavali celebrations in Singapore starts early in the morningDeepavali celebrations in Singapore starts early in the morning. The Hindus would start the day by bathing in oil and dressing up in colorful clothing before visiting the local temples for prayers. Back at their own homes, there would always be various ritualistic decorations done to mark the day. This includes decking out the doors with green mango leaves, lighting clay lamps and drawing the floor with rangoli.

Just like any other Hindu celebrations, Deepavali celebrations feature a variety of food. If you are in Singapore, such a celebration cannot go unnoticed. You can expect to find exotic Hindu dishes such as rice-flour pancakes, deep-fried dough covered in syrup, sweets made of mung beans, lentil cakes and different kinds of yogurt.

You can always expect huge crowds along the streets at Little India District during DeepavaliYou can always expect huge crowds along the streets at Little India District during Deepavali. Unfortunately, the Hindu markets and stalls there are likely to be closed during Deepavali. Nonetheless, these are the places where visitors can shop for pretty flower garlands, crafts, souvenirs and Hindu jewelry. You can also find several hand painters who are experience in drawing beautiful flowers and designs on your hand!


What to do during Deepavali Celebrations in Singapore

Despite the Hindu population in Singapore takes up only about 10%., Deepavali celebrations happen in nearly every part of the small city as the general population also joins in this joyous celebration. Regardless of whether you are a Hindu, there are few things worth trying during Deepavali in Singapore-:

Visit the two famous Hindu Temples

Join in the fun in celebrating Deepavali by visiting the two famous Hindu temples in SingaporeJoin in the fun in celebrating Deepavali by visiting the two famous Hindu temples in Singapore. The first temple is the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple. This temple has been around since mid-17th century and represents the long history of the Hindu religion. At the temple, you can expect to see countless statues of Hindu gods, and is able to enjoy the beauty and the grandeur of the temple.

Another temple worth visiting is the Sri Mariamman Temple, where the annual Fire Walking Festival takes place. During Deepavali festival, the participants walks over hot coal as a demonstration of purity levels which they have attained, and participate in the Silver Chariot Procession the following day at the same temple. During the procession, a chariot will carry the goddess of Draupadi along the way from the temple to Little India. Among the Hindus, it is believed that this procession brings back blessings and good luck to the community.

Visit the Deepavali Festival Village

Deepavali Festival Village is an annual bazaar
Deepavali Festival Village is an annual bazaar, covering an area of over 15,000 square feet. You can expect to find unique gifts, souvenirs, trinkets, colorful clothing, and several food stalls serving a blend of India and Singapore cuisines. Plenty of options on how you can spend your day there.

Visit Friends

If you have Indian friends and colleagues, you are likely to be invited to visit their houses and join them in the celebrations. This can be a chance for you to learn more about Deepavali and the Indians. It is also a good time to enjoy some authentic Indian homemade cuisines prepared by your friends.

Get Henna

If you visit Little India on this day, high chances that you will leave with some henna paintings. Alternatively, you can always head over to the Visitor’s Center in search of the best henna artists in town. On Deepavali, henna panting is free, so don’t worry about paying a dime.

Public Holiday - Deepavali in Singapore