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Singapore Driving License Conversion | Driving in Singapore

To be able to drive in Singapore, one must hold a valid Singaporean driving license. While obtaining a Singapore driving license is no problem for Singaporean citizens, PR holders and foreigners would need to complete certain requirements before they can be allowed to legally drive in the country.

For those who are living in Singapore but hold a driver’s license that was issued in another country, they would first need to run a check and see if the driving license that they hold must be converted to a Singapore driving license. Foreign driver’s licenses must be converted as soon as possible if the foreigner wants to begin driving in Singapore. New citizens of Singapore and PR holders will be required to convert their foreign driving licenses to a Singapore one within three months of obtaining their new citizenship or PR status in the country.


Foreigners & Driving in Singapore

Any foreigner who is above the age of 18 and holds a valid driving license from a foreign country can drive around Singapore, but for a period of no more than 12 months only. After the 12 months are up, a Singapore driving license will be required for any further driving to take place.

Any licenses which are no in English will require an International Driving Permit or have the license officially translated into English. One thing foreigners would need to bear in mind is that those who are work permit holders will not be allowed to drive during the course of their work stint in Singapore, unless they are employed as a driver, which must clearly be indicated on their work permits.

Foreigners who are on a short-term social visit pass will not be required to convert their driving license into a Singapore one. However, they will need to possess a valid foreign license and an International Driving Permit that is issued by an authorized body in their own respective countries.


How to Convert a Non-Singapore License

For those who hold a motorcycle license, they will be able to convert this into a Class 2B license (applicable for motorcycles which are 200cc or less) once they have passed the Traffic Police’s Basic Theory Test.

Motorcycles of a larger engine capacity would require the Class 2A (engine capacity in the range of 201cc to 400cc) and Class 2 (engine ranges around 401cc and above) licenses and would need to provide the following documents:

  • Proof or training and testing with a larger motorcycle
  • Proof of ownership of a large motorcycle
  • 1 years’ worth of riding experience

Car owners on the other hand, will be able to convert their licenses once they have passed the BTT test. This conversion is applicable to both manual and automatic transmission cars.

Licenses for heavy vehicles on the other hand, cannot be converted and drivers will be required to enroll in a driving school to pass the tests if they want to acquire the necessary license to operate this vehicle.