Happy Vesak Day 2022

3E Accounting Singapore wishes everyone Happy Vesak Day 2022!
We extend our wishes for good health and good cheer to you and your family on this Vesak Day.

Top 10 Vesak Day Greeting For Family and Friends

  1. May your life be as beautiful as a pink lotus on a wild pond. Happy Vesak Day to you.
  2. You do good to others and God will do good to you. Happy Buddha Jayanti.
  3. Let peace, joy, and unity always be with you and you have the best Vesak Days in your life. May you be blessed forever by Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha.
  4. This Vesak Day, let’s all pray for peace and the end of all the sufferings in the world.
  5. You are love, and you are enlightenment. Happy Vesak Day to You.
  6. May your soul be pure and your mind bear happiness. Here are our greetings for Vesak Day.
  7. May humankind find peace and harmony and everyone recognize each other as brothers and sisters. Let’s all celebrate Vesak Day.
  8. Let the voice of Lord Buddha spread across countries, oceans, and the universe, as we all sing the song of peace this Vesak Day.
  9. May your heart be as pure as the streams of water that come down from the Himalayas. Happy Vesak Day to everyone.
  10. Let joy be your shadow and the sun always shine upon you. These are our greetings for Vesak Day this year.