Happy National Day

3E Accounting Singapore wishes everyone Happy National Day!
We extend our wishes for good health and good cheer to you and your family on this meaningful National Day.

Top 10 National Day Greeting For Family and Friends

  1. Let’s celebrate this special day by thanking our motherland for all the opportunities, love, and protection she’s given us. Happy National Day to All.
  2. Patriotism is how we commemorate National Day. We look back on history and realize that loyal and loving people to Singapore, as well as good leaders that govern it, has made this country worthy of pride.
  3. A country filled with diversity, and a country that sees everyone as equal. On this National Day, we want to thank everyone who has made Singapore the most advanced nation in Asia.
  4. On this national day, let’s celebrate the freedom, liberty, and love this incredible nation has given to all of us.
  5. Let’s salute the nation, and make sure that the sacrifices of our heroes never go in vain. Happy National Day to all.
  6. This national day, let’s celebrate and cherish the freedom earned by our ancestors and gifted to us. May the light of liberty shine upon all of us!
  7. This National Day, let’s wave our flags, reminding ourselves that the nation is always above individuals. Earnest Greetings!
  8. On this special day, let’s thank all our forefathers and ancestors who fought so we could live free.
  9. How lucky we are that we get to celebrate our country’s National Day with so much joy and abundance. Best wishes to everyone!
  10. May we all keep on working so that our great nation’s prosperity never ends. Extending our  greetings for National Day to everyone.