Happy Labour Day

3E Accounting Singapore wishes everyone Happy Labour Day!
We extend our wishes for good health and good cheer to you and your family on this Labour Day.

Top 10 Labour Day Greeting For Family and Friends

  1. Happy International Labour Day to every worker out there who has been playing significant roles for the betterment of their nations and the world.
  2. Without any hard-working individuals, let alone development, even civilization wouldn’t be possible. Happy Labour Day to everyone.
  3. On this special labor day, every worker deserves to be honored and respected. Happy May Day to all.
  4. Let all the hardworking individuals believe in solidarity that brings changes to a nation. Happy May Day.
  5. Some people do not really notice how grueling and stressful a work day is which every worker has to endure most days of the week. This Labour Day, we take time to reflect on these moments of sacrifice.
  6. On this labour day, we want to honor everyone’s hard work and dedication which has led our country to where it is today.
  7. Happy Labour Day to all the workers. Thank you for giving your best this entire year, and hope you will have great celebrations.
  8. The biggest changes in the country always start with the dedication of a single hard-working person. Happy International Labour Day to you.
  9. This Labour Day, we want to thank all the workers in the world for their hard work and wish them all a great day with their loved ones.
  10. Let your tears, blood, and sweat yield you all the success you’ve dreamt of. Happy Labour Day to You.